Rapport, a Paramount Tool for Your Classroom

Have you ever heard about rapport? If not, after reading this text you will never forget about this meaningful word. Rapport illustrates the idea of an interpersonal relationship in which you can relate to other people in communication. In other words, we may define rapport as harmony, empathy, and connection between teacher and student in a classroom.

Developing this ability is the key to a good leadership because good leaders are capable of engaging a whole group of people by their charisma and personal power, which means that effective teachers are effective leaders as well. Bear in mind that I am not talking about the leader as somebody in a pedestal treating students as inferior peasants; in this case, I refer to teachers as a leader that will guide their pupils on the journey of knowledge acquirement.

Once you establish the rapport in class, you will feel a bond between you and your students, where the dialogues flow naturally and the feeling of being comfortable in the presence from one to another is inevitable. Not only that, the students will feel more engaged to learn the content of the lesson and you will be able to recognize where they are having difficulties by receiving positive feedbacks from them.

To achieve this connection, the teacher must focus on the empathy, approaching the students gradually and carefully. Simple things, such as finding common interests, talking in a pleasing tone and being open-minded to different opinions. Getting away from the traditional view and bringing dialogues to class instead of monologues will make a total difference in your lessons.

There is no problem with being friends with your students; actually, this is very a good thing. When you create a satisfactory environment in the classroom, it shows how much you are devoted to your teaching career. Remember that “with great power comes great responsibility” (LEE, 1962). Therefore, develop your rapport skills, be a better teacher to have better students.

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