Rapport, a Paramount Tool for Your Classroom

Have you ever heard about rapport? If not, after reading this text you will never forget about this meaningful word. Rapport illustrates the idea of an interpersonal relationship in which you can relate to other people in communication. In other words, we may define rapport as harmony, empathy, and connection between teacher and student in … Continue reading Rapport, a Paramount Tool for Your Classroom

The Importance of Keeping Classroom Notes

We have all had that time when we planned a lesson and thought to ourselves it would be a fantastic class, with students working around, discussing and very excited about the subject. However, it turns out that it does not quite work out as we had imagined and sometimes we may feel frustrated about it. … Continue reading The Importance of Keeping Classroom Notes

Teaching in a Multilevel Classroom

As teachers, we are continually trying to achieve the best results with our students on the matter of improving their four skills in the second or foreign language. Thus, a right way of doing it is to get closer to your students and understand what their goals are, and why they decided to learn a … Continue reading Teaching in a Multilevel Classroom