Why Do We Become Teachers?

Have you ever stopped to think about why you have decided to become a teacher? Or when had that idea come to your mind? You may say, “It was when I was in school, and I enjoyed helping colleagues with their lessons,” or “I had this amazing teacher who inspired me,” the point is, each one of us has thousands of reasons, and for me, it was no different. As a teacher, we will spend a lot of time planning classes, grading papers, searching for the best methodology, and different approaches to engage our students. We do all that because we want to make them achieve their best, and as the veteran teacher says, sometimes you will succeed and sometimes you will not, but failing is part of it.

I have been teaching for only six months, and I can say that in this short period I could see and learn a lot about how to organize myself, plan my classes, talk properly with my students, and pick up some knowledge from my co-workers. However, there are many things to improve in my teaching. Moreover, there is a thought that always comes to my mind, and it is that I do not want to fail, and it means avoid mistakes, prevent myself from becoming a mean teacher I once had, the one of a kind who makes students lose interest in the subject or either not consider giving the class a chance.

We teachers have to be aware of our limits and bear in mind that we are humans, and also that sometimes what we thought was a good thing for our students, is not true, and here you may believe that you have failed. Although, consider failing as a second chance to do something completely different and new. As a teacher, you can always be experimenting, and it is amazing. As we plan classes, we will be thinking about the kind of students, their proficiency level, and age, and if they will accept you as their teacher, mainly if it is your first day in class. And again you will be surrounded by the idea of not being as good as you wish you were or making a bad first impression. Nevertheless, remember that is the first class of many, you can do better on the second day.

Reflecting on my short experience, from colleagues and adding the words I hear from those who are and once were my teachers, this path will be a lifelong challenge, and it is not easy. Every single class will be different, some students will frustrate you, others will amaze you, and this is the beauty of this profession, and why most of us besides all the difficulties decided to walk through this path.

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